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9 Best Accounting Software for SME in India

If you are considering buying accounting software for your business and have not been able to make a choice on which one is right for your business then this article will guide you in choosing the best accounting software in the market.

Accounting software is an application that helps you keep track of your receivables and payables in business. It helps you understand your profitability and provides you the statements over stake so that you can make great financial choices for your business.

Many tax authorities have also made it mandatory to keep the books of accounts in order and hence it becomes even more important to use accounting software.

We conducted the survey amongst a section of our customers and asked them to tell us three important reasons which made them buy an accounting software most of them bought an accounting software to automate all the functions of their business to comply with the tax regulations and to print invoices and phones.

We also found out that when a small business chose to expand and have multiple branches they need accounting software. Choosing the right software is a big challenge for businesses as the software should be business-specific and have all the features.

We broadly came across two types of accounting software the desktop accounting software and cloud accounting software to help you make a choice. Here is the list of different accounting software available online.

Best Accounting Software

Best Accounting Software for Small Business:

1. Tally: Tally is one of the most popular accounting software available online for free and paid that helps in managing multiple companies. The main features of the software are accounting inventory reports, cash flow management, and taxation.


2. Vypaar: Vypaar is well-known accounting software for small businesses it has all the features required by the business which can automate the activities and helps the business owner focus more on the development of the business.


3. Marg ERP: Marg ERP is the process management and GST-ready software that helps to take care of all the activities of the business and makes accounting easier. It has all the features from CRM, HR and payroll, financial management, inventory management, reporting, etc.


4. Zoho: Zoho is an affordable cloud-based accounting solution for small businesses. It manages your finances, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.


5. QuickBooks: QuickBooks is a modern accounting management tool that helps to manage the business. The software is equipped with powerful invoicing features, payment reminders, sales, and inventory tracking, auto banking, and an easy navigation interface.


6. Busy: Busy is one of the top accounting software that has multi-currency accounting that helps globalized companies that have branches worldwide centralizing Financial Accounting has become much easier with this software.


7. Saral: Saral accounting software provides on-premise software solutions in tax and filing payroll and accounting space. Saral is the comprehensive GST solution covering invoicing, accounting, and returns. Some of the important features of Saral software are invoicing and accounting for regular and Composition dealers both in b2b and b2c segments.


8. Reach: Reach is the only accounting software that can fully automate 21 different businesses end-to-end. It has all the accounting features of inventory management, invoicing, customer management, reminders, GST CRM, and mobile app. Since it is cloud-based there is no investment required on expensive hardware.


9. Xero: Xero is a small business accounting software that helps you grow your business. It focuses on accounting and the accountants and enables you to get the accounting done faster. The main features of the software are it automatically categorizes all the bank transactions and gives a real-time picture of the exact cashflow.


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