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Golf Game for PC: How to Play World Golf Tour Online for Free

Signing up for this online 3D golf game is easy. The first time you visit the World Golf Tour website, you will be directed to a fairly straightforward sign-up page.

All you need to do is choose your golfer name, enter an original password, and submit your e-mail address. You will need this e-mail address when entering tournaments or raffles, as this is how the game will notify you if you have won any prizes.

Once you have signed up, you are now ready to immerse yourself in the World Golf Tour’s 3D online golfing experience. You start out at the beginner’s “Hack” level, but don’t worry; you will level up soon enough. Game play can be either single or multi-player.

Recently, World Golf Tour has also introduced annual tournaments that provide players with the opportunity to win big. Previous tournament winners got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the US Open in the flesh.

Golf Game for PC

World Golf Tour is pretty much an RPG for online 3D golf gaming enthusiasts through and through, and offers a great selection of skins and equipment from real-life golfing brands.

Throughout the game, you may hear discussion from fellow players about using credits. Some RPGs are not complete without their own in-game mode of currency, and World Golf Tour is no exception.

Credits are your ticket to all kinds of nifty features for adding spice to your game. These include new outfits, clubs and golf balls for your avatar. For those clueless about earning credits, your easiest option would probably be to purchase them yourself via credit card or PayPal.

As a helpful rule of thumb, a credit is worth about 1 US cent in real-life currency. You can also win credits by competing in Match Plays or tournaments.

You will have plenty of opportunities for earning credits; World Golf Tour holds frequent online 3D golf game tournaments and sweepstakes for its thousands of players. Some tournaments may require you to pay credits to enter, while others are free to play.

By far, one of the most fool-proof ways to earn credits is to move up a player tier. From the Hack level, you have the ability to advance to Amateur, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master, and finally Legend level. The first time you advance a tier, you immediately earn 100 credits.

From there, the number of credits you earn increases with each succeeding tier. Some tiers also have the added bonus of unlocking exclusive items you otherwise can’t get, even when using credits.

Naturally, the only way to move up the tiers is to level up, so start practicing your swing on this online 3D golf game!

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