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Free Partition Magic for Windows PC – Download Now for Free

Download the award-winning and best magic tool that allows you to separate data files, operating systems, applications, documents, games, and downloads by creating and resizing partitions quickly and easily, without reformatting your HDD or harming your data.

As hard drive volumes push well beyond 1000 GB in size, it makes sense to divide those drives into smaller, more manageable partitions, whether you want to run multiple OS, simplify backups, or just organize your overall file system.

Create, resize, merge, move and convert partitions without losing data. With advanced functionality and ease of use, the world’s most trusted partitioning program, partition wizard now gives the benefits of hard disk partitioning within reach of everyone.

However, for anyone who deals with disk partitions regularly or wants to run multiple operating systems, the power and flexibility of partition magic is hard to beat.

Free Partition Magic Features:

Merge: In partition manager, in addition to creating new partitions or changing their size, we can also make them part of a package. When can such an operation be justified? Well this is a good option for people who have older computers and hence small drives.

It may happen that the demanding film that we want to transfer to our computer or computer game takes up more than the capacity of our partition. But we have an ace in our sleeve, so we should not worry about it.

Formatting: Each of us must periodically format the drive, for example before installing a new operating system. But what exactly is this formatting? Formatting is a fast removal of all files in our partition.

This tool should be handled very carefully, because it permanently erases everything that is on the partition, so if we have some important data on it, then before erasing them, it is worth to burn them to a disc or copy to USB, or simply move to another partition.

Hidden Partition: Partition wizard has the ability to create a special partition where your important data will be stored. This is a very interesting option, because not only do we do the so-called backup of our data, we can still make the partition is not visible.

It will be a hidden partition, although it will still exist. As a result, our documents will not fall into the wrong hands, and if we store corporate data or customers there is a very important thing.

Setting a Password: Accessing a program by entering a password is a very important aspect in programs such as partition manager. Why is it like that? Well, if your computer gets into the wrong hands for some time and someone else wants to hurt your disk, then surely it will not do it with Partition Magic armed with an access password.

He will not do that because he will not know the password that we will know only. With this option, we will protect ourselves from the unpleasant consequences of a person’s joke. To set a password for partition magic we have to select “General” in the main menu and then “Set password”.

New Partition: If we have a lot of free disk space it would be worth creating a new partition. Because they work independently, and if for example we have a system partition and partitions for important documents, then if we happen to be in a situation where the system is corrupted and we have to remove files from that partition to install a new OS.

It will not happen because they are saved elsewhere, on another partition. Many times might you have encountered a problem where you have thrown all the files into one disk and it’s still in the system?

The virus has caused the system to crash and there was no way to recover important files and documents. This is a big loss that can be avoided with several partitions. To prevent data loss just download and install free partition magic for Windows PC.

Free Partition Magic Download Details:
File Name Partition Magic
File Size 30 MB
Version Latest Version
License Type Free
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (32- bit or 64-bit)
File Type .EXE
Language Support English
Developer EaseUS
Category Windows PC Apps

Download Partition Magic for Windows PC

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