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Play Spider Solitaire Game Now on Mac – Download for Free

Spider Solitaire game is played with two full decks which results in 104 cards and 2 copies of the 4 suits. Each card begins in one of 10 tableau piles, 4 piles of 5 cards and 6 piles of 4 cards, or in the deck. Download and play spider solitaire game now on Mac.

The target of Spider Solitaire is to make 10 stacks of cards King to Ace and then those cards will be removed on the screen. When all ten foundations have a minimum of one card, you can place more cards by pressing the “stock cards” from the bottom right corner in the screen.

You can click at the deck to deal new cards if you are stuck. You can deal new cards only if all the columns are occupied. If there are empty columns, you can’t deal new cards. To move a card, click the card and drag it to its new location following the rules below.

Spider Solitaire Game Mac Details:
File Name Spider Solitaire Game for Mac
File Size 27 MB
Version Full Version
License Type Free
Operating System Mac OSX 10 or later
Language Support English
Developer Superpow Studio
Category Mac PC Games

Download Spider Solitaire Game for Mac

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